The Allotmenteers

Green Fingers was my Self Initiated Project for my BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design, all based around the positive effects growing stuff has on people both mentally and physically! We have had an allotment for around 8 years, and I love it, I love to grow plants, I get excited when a seed germinates! It can be hard work keeping everything alive and well cared for but it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

There are 72 plots at my allotment site, so I ‘interviewed’ some of my fellow ‘allotmenteers’ about why they had an allotment. Then I made a sign in the traditional method and painted on it a phrase from them. I bought external plywood and found a company who manufactured sign writing paint, and the owner was a sign writer. I explained what I wanted to do and he helped me with all technical information I needed, which paints I needed to prime and topcoat the boards with, and that the lettering paint was different to the other paint so I needed that also. And special brushes etc, all of this I bought from his website. The process was slow, just like growing plants, the signs needed care and attention and lots and lots of time.  They were a really pleasure to do!

The final stage was to photograph each of the ‘allotmenteers’ on their plot with their sign.
theoalan bill dave-&-dogs ian john ray sid


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