ISTD – Circus Typography Brief

This was a project I worked on last year. The brief was to come up with an idea for a Circus Museum, create the brand any thing you wanted really associated with it, but as it was a typography brief a certain amount of type was required to be able to show good use of it. I went with the idea of Circus Day Museum, all about the excitement of the coming to town.  I came across an article during my research which talked the 3 Ps which was an amazingly successful marketing model. Print was the first P, towns would be plastered with Circus posters, (very early very lovely examples of graphic design),  newspapers would also print articles and adverts about the arrival of the Circus and real buzz was created.  The next P was Parade, the Circus would parade through the towns and the people would follow the parade to the last P which was Performance.

The first element in my project was to create my own circus type which I used throughout the branding


I also created a brochure to promote the museum. The front cover was die cut (a nod to the circus ring) to reveal the Circus Day Museum branding.





It was a fun project!


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