D&AD National Trust – Reconnect our relationship with nature and beauty


Meet the Tweeters, the virtual birds designed to tweet about the National Trust.  I took a risk with this one, going with illustration and not using photographic images, but I liked the idea of virtual birds using the web and social media to spread the word about the National Trust in a new and quirky way, each bird has a distinct character and likes to visit a specific type of National Trust property.





I imagined the Tweeters having their own Facebook page, to post pictures and info about the properties they had visited and chat to friends…


And naturally they would have their own app so they would be accessible to people on their mobile devices.



They could also work well for print applications, they look lovely on postcards for direct mailing campaigns.


And last but not least – Tweeter Gifts! Everyone loves a good gift shop and a souvenir from a good day out…




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